5 Strategies to reach Gen Z more effectively

Hope Delongchamp
February 5, 2022

You need to keep an eye on Gen Z, the new generation that is on the rise. As a market segment that currently represents 27% of the US population, Gen Z is a significant market that is progressive, educated, and inclusive.

Gen Z are known as digital natives, and have grown up with the internet right at their fingertips, which means that all your digital marketing will be directed towards this Generation at some point, if not already. This is something that you must consider, as Generation Z can make or break your organisation's reputation.

Follow these five strategies if you want to reach Gen Z effectively in order to push them down your organisation's sales funnel, and therefore help you reach your marketing targets & build a strong brand.

  1. Engage with your clientbase!

This one should be obvious, but you need to go beyond the surface level with your engagement. Over 76% of Gen Z want brands to listen to their feedback; this feedback will determine the brand’s authenticity.

A review from any generation will play a pivotal role in building trust in your brand. However, reviews from Generation Z are essential to help your organisation succeed. As a generation, this group is dependent on having their needs met, and if your services or products advertise a need, and they do not receive it with your solution, they will voice their discontent loudly.

Therefore, it's important to engage your customers, even those who leave negative reviews! If you are interested in connecting with them you can like their comments, reply to their comments, or even follow their accounts. In the world of online marketing, your brand takes on a personality, and if you want to get involved in conversation, you have to speak up.

  1. Offer experiences, not products!

You can't sell out to Gen Z when it comes to marketing to them. Generation Z grew up in the digital age, so they're well aware of what digital marketing looks like. In fact, they don't want to participate in it at all. The way that Gen Z interacts is influenced by the digital environment that they live in. These people know when something doesn't sound right or non-genuine.

While working with Gen Z, it is important to move away from informing, and instead focus on delighting. The people you are trying to reach aren't really interested in whether your service is the most impressive, they are interested in knowing how it will help them, and more importantly, the experience they will have as a result of using this service!

  1. Play around with interactive content!

Trying to capture Gen Z’s attention and it’s just not working? Creativity is obviously important, but interactivity is even more crucial. Gen Z wants to feel like they’re part of a movement. When they’re looking at your digital content, make them interact with you.

This can be tapping on a poll from your TikTok video or clicking on a link in your bio. By using a poll on your TikTok video, you can hear from your client base, but also keep them captivated as well. If they are to click something on your video, they’re more focused on your content, meaning that can lead to a follow to your account, which can lead to a click on the link in your bio, which can lead to a purchase on your website!

  1. Bring your brand to life by playing the comedian!

It is important to show your brand's sense of humour in order to increase interaction with your content. Social media platforms often reward brands that are exciting, fresh, and entertaining, and this is a surefire way to stay on top of their algorithm. You will enjoy larger engagement rates as a result.

A good brand is something that people enjoy. A brand that has great branding is something people enjoy and talk about. Obviously, the Duolingo bird's presence on TikTok is of huge interest, but there's a reason why people are so abuzz about it; it's where comedy and memes intersect with a younger generation.

  1. Be transparent and accountable!

It is of the utmost importance when strategizing your organisation for a Gen Z-oriented audience to always be transparent about what happens behind the scenes, as well as accepting responsibility for any errors.

Gen Zers are known for having a passion for researching. They are also not afraid of doing so. When it comes to a possible increase in interaction with your business, you should pay careful attention to the site as well as your social networks.

In this generation, brand trust is of great importance, and they will only support your business if the message of your brand coincides with their own, and adds up to your digital presence. Gen Z will call you out on your behaviour if you do not maintain the standards of your digital presence.


There is something to be said for marketing to young audiences, and it doesn't just apply to trendy social media brands. Take direction from the findings above if you want your efforts to market to Gen Z consumers to be successful in 2022.

Overall, do not underestimate the power of this generation and its desire to become exactly what they want.

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