Youth-Led, Purpose-Driven

Here’s our story, let us help you tell yours.

From D.C to across the World.

Founded in DC, we've expanded to a global team & platform helping nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations match with the right creators.

Originally founded when Ashwath, the founder was in college, our work has always focused on social good. At the centre of our work and organization is a focus on empowering creators, young people and individuals focused on impact.

Join us and our creator network on our mission to change the world, one collaboration at a time.

Focused on making an impact.

first, we register the business

In September 2020 we incorporated the business and launched with a few clients, focused on helping nonprofits and social impact organizations reach young people more effectively.

Our goal was and is always to give young people a voice in rooms where decisions on how to reach us are being made.

we find a few clients

By January 2021 we were on mission: help as many nonprofits in reaching young people as possible. We started working with a number of them to help them with everything from websites to design.

Turns out, doing a little bit of everything isn't the best business strategy.

we dive deep into TikTok

It's work, we said. Kidding aside, in May of 2021 we launched one of our largest TikTok influencer campaigns with the amazing Mikka Kei Macdonald at Community Change and nothing would be the same again.

In 24 hours of launching the campaign, it become clear that we only had one way to continue building: helping more causes match with TikTok creators.


September 2021. We turn 1. For the first time in the history of Social Currant, our full team was in one room. From across the country we flew into DC to connect, plan, strategize and take over the world.

At the same time, we began thinking deeply about our path forward and what we wanted to build and how we could best service the people we worked with.

the pivot

By January 2022, we'd made the decision. We'd be officially pivoting away from agency work towards building a platform to more effectively match impact brands with creators.

We set out to discover what creators wanted and how we could help them effectively work with brands. At the same time, some of us finished up our last semesters at college. Some of us became legally allowed to consume alcohol.


Today we've effectively launched our platform, signing creators up, issuing over  a million dollars in payments to creators. We continue building and optimizing for both brands and creators to make an impact and bring these two stakeholders together.

We're a team of entrepreneurs, strategists, developers, designers & creators. Join us and let's make a difference!

the currants

Ellie Artone
Chief Accounts Officer
Jasmine McCarton
Chief Design Officer
Vidyut Ghuwalewala
Chief Operating Officer
Abby Vang
Influencer Marketing Associate
Aashna Malhotra
Accounts Associate
Carlos Chavez
Creator | Community Manager
Alina Broome
Graphic Designer
William Cheshier
Chief Technology Officer
Ashwath Narayanan
Chief Executive Officer

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